A free, fully functional demo version of Iridient Developer is available which can be used prior to purchase to ensure that the program works on your computer and that it meets your needs. The free demo can be downloaded here:
Iridient Developer Demo Download

If you desire a refund, please contact sales support within 30 days of your purchase. Because we can not recover the license key, refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis.

Iridient Developer is basically licensed per person. If multiple people are using the software on multiple computers then you are required to purchase a license for each person. A single person may use the software on as many computers as they like. There are no restrictions on the type of computer (laptop, desktop, tablet, virtual machine, etc). A PDF of the complete license agreement (EULA) can be be viewed here:
Iridient Developer EULA

Iridient Developer is $99.99 US (plus any applicable VAT, sales or use tax depending on location). All purchases of Iridient Developer include at least 18 months of free upgrades, including both major and minor updates.

The license is "perpetual" meaning you are never required to pay for an update to keep using the software. However, this does not mean upgrades are free forever. Your purchase of Iridient Developer includes at least 18 months of free upgrades regardless of version designation (2.0, 2017, X, etc). After that free period expires use of the newest releases may require the purchase of a new license. The official product upgrade policy is available online here.

A 40% upgrade discount is available to all previously licensed users by using your prior order number as a coupon code. Click the "+ Add discount" text to enter your order number and then click the "Apply" button. The 40% discount should be immediately reflected in the price. Your order number can be found in your Iridient Developer receipt email, by choosing "License Information" from the Help menu (with licenses after June 2019) or by requesting a 40% discount code from sales@iridientdigital.com with your name and email information.

If you have any questions about the use or functionality of Iridient Developer either during the demo period or after purchase, please contact our technical support department here:
Contact Iridient Digital Support

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller Paddle.com. Paddle.com is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

If you have any questions about purchasing or sales policies please contact sales support by email or using the web page here:
Contact Iridient Digital Sales

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